Natalia Gurova is an artist born in Belarus, raised in Russia and based in Vienna.

  • 2018 — n/a Academy of fine Arts, Vienna, Object Sculpture, professor Julian Goethe
  • 2014 — n/a University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Site-specific Art, professor Paul Petritsch
  • 2003 — 2009 MA-equivalent in Journalism, Moscow State University


  • The Essence, Annual exhibition of students from University of Applied Arts of Vienna, VZA3, Vienna
  • Alles OK, video installation, sculpture and silkscreen, Paulusplatz 5, Vienna
  • Repetition is a form of change, spatial installation, Paulusplatz 5, Vienna
  • Studio Frankenstein, Kunstradio, FM4, Vienna, Austria
  • "Clitical Talk", "The seesaw", sculpture, Improper Walls, gallery, Vienna

  • Dome entered the house, display for the Round Table "Propulsion: On Changing Futures", Paulusplatz 5, Site-specific Art department at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna
  • Essence 2016, "Stille Post", sound installation, Alte Post, Vienna
  • J' A R R I V E, "I'm a mushroom too", sculptures, gallery SUPER, Vienna

  • "Pflanzenspaziergang – Flower's walk", performance, drawings, Palme 13, Vienna
  • "Zoning", performance, Fluc, Vienna

Шорох и шум / Rustle and noise
Installation, 2018

Wooden frame, silkscreen
Frame 60*50 cm, Silkscreen 70*200 cm

ШIn one second, 100 thousand chemical reactions occur in the human brain, 63 thousand search queries process Google, 55 thousand likes are put on Facebook, 20 million people get distracted by messages, орох100 lightning hits the ground, 9000 power adapter failures occur every second.

Facts make an image. иFacts are something to distinguish and to document. When it's recorded it has happened or had happened? But it's hard to grasp what preceded. How шумmany neural reactions should occur to write one e-mail or make a request to Google?

This work is about rustle and noise. хорошшуметьWhat is the difference between? There are mandatory and optional. Or optional now, which will once become mandatory, therefore, шумшуууseen, distinguished and documented.

Noise is uncontrollable and comprehensive. And there is a rustle. Which always penetrates where needed. It is not an шорохорошумopposition, it is a union or separation of one through the other. This is the work about noise and rustle. Rustle is a dull sound. It's the buzz coming from gentle contact with a surfaceишшшш.

Linocuts, etching, silkscreens

Your turn
Installation, 2018

Silkscreen print and metal stick,
A3, 160 cm

It shows word we normally say to each other when we are upset, broke or want to put responsibility on someone's else shoulders. The chart made in a sarcastic way, so there is no positive end but absurd. And there is no end or logic just a flow on someone's minds.

Repetition is a form of change

Spatial installation, 15 pieces, from 20 to 40 cm, plaster, cardboard

Each sculpture consists of two parts: a cardboard box and a white plaster cast that repeats the inner part of the cardboard box.

Project Studio Frankenstein
Studio Frankenstein, 2018

Radio performance

von Studierenden der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien: Rosie Benn, Jasjote Grewal, Lukas Gritzner, Natalia Gurova, Daniel Hüttler, Ekaterina Kostova, Monica LoCascio, Eirik Melstrøm, Benjamin Nelson, Pia Plankensteiner, Irene Reichart, Raphael Reichl, Andrea Resner, CarMiña Tarilonte Ro.

Konzept und Produktion im Rahmen der Lehrveranstaltung von Ralo Mayer an der Abteilung Ortsbezogene Kunst.

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Photo credits: Andrea Resner

The Seesaw / Die Wippe
Sculpture, 3 m*50 cm, wood, metal, color. 2017

How to use:
  1. Sit on alone, sit on together, sit on as a group
  2. Use it for narcissism measuring
  3. Imagine childhood and queerness
  4. Forget about playground
  5. Bring it in front of your house, at the square, to the bus stop, at the parliament, to the party
  6. Use it as a co-dependence interaction
  7. Try to reach the highest point and speed
  8. Think about Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster
  9. Embrace current, modern and contemporary
  10. Try again

Ortsbezogene Kunst
Video HD, 1.50 min.
For the Ästhetik der Veränderung – 150 Jahre Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, MAK (Museum of Applied Arts), 2017

Video was made for Site-Specific Art department at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Video →

Together with: Anastassiya Kurinova

Circuit Game
Das Weisse Haus, Vienna, 2017
Sculpture and board game at the same time

135*85 mdf table, 2 m metal hanger, 3 helmets, micro computers, objects given by scientists, LHC map, loudspeakers. Coding and cabling: Anastassyia Kurinova

The project is dedicated to students' trip to CERN. We visited the Big Hadron Collider, met scientists there. As a result, I made a board game with a logic of scientific life, implemented pieces of interviews with different scientists where they speak not only about physics but about fears, hobbies, family. All audios connected with the board game zones and could be activated by buttons.

Video documentation →

Photo credits: Peter Kainz, Natalia Gurova

Seize or Invoke
Spatial installation, Paulusplatz 5, Ortsbezogene Kunst department, University of Applied Arts, Vienna. 2017
Red walls, set of light, newspaper collage, bench.

"Seize or invoke" installation is a result of reflection about uncanniness and unheimlichket as well as banality of crime, that happens almost every day in every district. The starting point was an intention to copy and to mirror the fact of local incident, newspaper mention about it, and the surrounding. The red paint is a colour of mystery, crime, impatience and Austrian tabloid "Heute" where an article about a crime on Paulusplatz was found. A typical "Heute" page was transformed in a way the viewer can make a connection with the place where he or she is reading it and the one mentioned in the paper. A bench was taken from outside and placed on the photo in the newspaper page. The bench was modified by cuts, so when the view entered the exhibition space the bench looked totally normal but when a person turned around it saw that something was not ok with it. It was still usable but the intuitive intention to seat on it was cut too. The whole installation left the feeling of a riddle or confusion, which had to be solved but comparing, looking and coping.

Dome entered the house
Presentation of the conference "Propulsion on changing Futures" setting built by students, 2016.

Together with Ralo Mayer, Benedikt Meixl, Nicolaus Fuchs, Roland Plachy, Mina Tarilonte.

Cardboard rolls, cable connectors, fabric.

I'm a mushroom too
Video HD, 12 min, preserved artist's conk mushroom, a-crystall copy from artist's conk mushroom 33*21 cm.

Video is a walk in the forest in Burgenland (Austria) with mycologist Gerhard Koller, who studies mushrooms for more than 20 years. He shows different types of mushrooms and tells about theirs features and characters. Artist's conk mushroom was found during one of excursions I made with him. Then I made a copy from it and included in the video the original one and copied one.

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Password: slat

Performance, drawings and presentation in cooperation with Sabine Fessler.
Schwendermarkt, 2015.

We wanted to connect local market kiosk 'Palme 13' ran by artists with people who live nearby. We took a trolley and randomly called to people's apartments. We asked them to rent their house flowers for 1-2 hours, so we could draw them. We asked people about names of flowers, history of owning and reasons for keeping them. We brought flowers back, after 2 months of collecting we made a presentation about our quick research and invited all people we visited.

Performance, Prater, Kaiser-Wiese. 2015.

I had 70m long rope and wrapped all objects on my way, sometimes people joined and continued the action by themselves.

HMS Bounty
Postcards for market place, poster.
In cooperation with Katharina Koerner, Christina Gruber, 2015.

Market kiosk "Palme 13" at Schwendermarkt, Vienna ran by students for one week.

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